Elastic Abdominal Binder


        • The lightweight elastic binder has a variety of applications. Its most common use is as an abdominal binder for post-surgical dressings. It is effective in supporting abdominal contents when there has been a loss of muscle tone. It can also be used as a rib belt to prevent painful expansion of the best in the case of rib fracture.

          Use For: Strains and weaknesses in the abdominal area, loss of muscle tone, post-surgical application

          Can be used as a post-operative support or as a rib belt
          Durable 1″ wraparound elastic helps support weakened abdominal muscles
          Hook and loop fastening allows easy application and comfortable adjustment
          Flexible stays prevent rolling
          Can be worn by men and women
          Inconspicuous under clothing
          Latex free
          Several sizes available.

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