Pedifix Adjustable Heel Lift


The podiatrists’ choice since 1885. This innovative cushion balances differences in the length of your legs instantly. It also helps relieve Achilles’ tendonitis, heel spurs and related conditions. Fits left or right foot. Removable layers for adjustable thickness.

Relieves foot, leg, hip & back pains
Corrects posture & reduces discomfort
Takes pressure off sore Achilles’ tendon
Peel Off Layers for a Perfect Fit – 1/8″ to 3/8″
Helps Relieve Heel, Heel Spur & Plantar Fascia Pain
This soft insert helps relieve a variety of foot, leg, hip and back pains and improves body balance. For people with different leg lengths, it helps balance hips and back to correct posture and reduce discomfort. Takes pressure off sore Achilles’ tendon and calf muscles. Also helps heel, heel spur and plantar fascia pain.

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