Prevail Breezes


When it comes to managing loss of bladder control, you can never have too much protection, too much comfort or too much breathability. Our Prevail Breezers 360° Adult Briefs are perfect for heavy bladder leakage due to the extra little details put into design, comfort, and technology. They have ultimate absorbency.
360°Breathable Zones™: Air flows freely through panels all around, allowing skin to breathe.
Expandex™ Wings: Soft, flexible stretch panels provide a secure and contoured fit.
Doublesorb™ Layers: Soft, dual core system helps lock up moisture and keeps it away from skin.
Easy-Lock Fasteners®: Makes it easier to take briefs on and off.
Skin Smart®: Hypoallergenic fabric containing Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E.
Odor Guard®: Helps prevent odors before they even start.
Quick WICK® with MaxSoft Technology™: Combines superior softness with rapid liquid acquisition speeds.

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