McKesson Silver Vein Finish Exerciser Peddler, Adjustable Resistance Levels


The McKesson Exercise Peddler with attractive silver vein finish is an exercise therapy, and rehabilitation tool that promotes arm and leg circulation. This portable exerciser can be used in office or at home for toning leg and arm muscles. It is an ideal device for low impact exercise. Ships completely assembled and is compact for easy storage and portability.

  • Therapy solution to incorporate safe, gentle exercise into daily routine for people who need or prefer a low-impact activity
  • Low impact form of exercise that is ideal for toning leg and arm muscles
  • Designed to allow users to pedal at safe, comfortable pace with arms or legs while sitting on a couch, chair, bed, or other convenient position and location
  • Provides low-impact exercise with adjustable tension to allow user to set the appropriate difficulty level for strengthening legs or arms and improving circulation
  • Stimulates circulation and tones leg or arm muscles
  • Lower- and upper-body exercise solution can be used for hand rowing or pedaling
  • Large resistance knob works as simple tension screw to allow users to adjust the tension to fit their level of ability or choice of exercise form
  • Designed with sturdy steel construction with an attractive silver-vein finish

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